Remark on the 4M client message queuing (messages in waiting…)

Some users recently noticed that the 4M client is queuing messages and not sending them to the 4M data warehouse. The JT65B History view shows in this case messages in a Waiting… delivery status. Although the concern is definitely understood, we want to inform you that this behaviour is not due to bugs or malfunctioning of the client.

The reasons behind this has to be found in the way the client has to recognize the initial sequence type of a message and the bad link budget due to the far distance of the spacecraft.

The client synchronizes on a message of sequence type 1 (Callsign) and upon that is able to mark all the queued messages and deliver them to the data warehouse.
Since the probability of a messages to be decoded in case of bad link budget (the situation we are facing in the last days) is low, the client might queue a remarkable number of messages before getting the sync.

As soon in sync, all the messages in the queue are sent at once and from that moment on all the received messages are delivered to the data warehouse upon their reception.

As explained this is not an issue or a bug, and requires the user to only wait for the synchronization to occur. We’d like to inform that closing the client in this case is not needed; if the client is closed the queued messages are saved along and reloaded on next startup.

We apologize for the confusion and the concern this behaviour might have created and we hope this will not prevent you to keep using our client.

We’d like to thank all the OMs who are contributing to the mission and hope you are enjoying it as much as we are!