Radiation Experiment

The radiation experiment running on 4M mission consists in measuring the cumulated TID every 5 min, alternating on 2 sensors.

The results of these measurements are shown below. (Please click on the image(s) to enlarge)


These results show that after crossing Van Allen radiation belt (beyond 60 000 km altitude), the radiation debit dose seen by the 4M radiation payload is constant, as TID curves become linear.

In this case, the radiation debit dose is estimated between 0.237 rad/day (0.098 mGy/h) and 0.419 rad/day (0.174 mGy/h) as shown on the trend curves.


Then, if we focus on the first hours of the 4M mission, we can see that the TID is increasing rapidly, showing an intense radiation, as shown below:


When getting out of the Van Allen radiation belt (60 000 altitude and after), the radiation debit dose is getting lower.


Additionally, here is the temperature data measured by the radiation payload:


This graphs show that after 1 day of 4M mission, the radiation payload temperature is stabilized around 7 °C.