The partners listed herafter contributed significantly to make this mission possible in less than half a year from first contact to launch.

International Amateur Radio Union, representing all radioamateurs of the world who are our terrestrial backbone in listening to the transmissions of 4M and forwarding the received messages to us.


OHB AG, our German mother company, founded by Prof. Manfred Fuchs.

EmTroniX, our Luxembourgish space electronics specialist, with whom we cooperate since several years, contributes to the electronics design, manufacturing, and integration.

IC Malaga
, contribute their newly developed radiation experiment (DRALUX) to this mission.

AntwerpSpace, our Belgian sister company supports us in the manufacturing and testing of the antenna.

SSC_LSE Space_0
LSE Space, from Germany, contributes the on-ground data network (4M Data Warehouse) to organize the received signals.