Contest is closed since 30/10 0300UTC

The contest is closed since 30/10 0300UTC. We now shall process all files and automated reports.

The messages appear now in clear in the datawarehouse.

For all that have not used the 4M java client to automatically upload their data and that have registered to participate in the contest, we kindly ask you to send a summary of your log in the form:

Date (from 0000UTC to 2400 UTC) : Number of decoded messages

So, their should be 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29 and 30 October.

Why has the contest lasted exactly 151.5Hours ? Because the number of global messages was repeating it self every 50.5 hours. And why this duration ? To make sure all global messages would be transmitted approximately twice in the vicinity of the Moon (and once on the forward trip), so that all that have posted can righteously say thatĀ their message was received from the Moon. And they all have been.

All that have posted a message will receive a certificate with their message and when it has been received. Please send a mail to, with your postal address, the login you have used to post your message, and your message.

All OM’s that have sent data, either automatically, either by mail, please send your postal address at If you have used the automated client, please indicate your login to the database.

Greetings and thanksĀ from all the 4M team!