4M: Energy

During 12 hours after the activation, 4M lived on its rechargeable batteries, then switched automatically to the non rechargeable high energy density cells.The raises in voltage show that the solar panel is getting illumination, recharging the battery and powering the payload but not enough to provide for a positive power budget, nevertheless extending the lifetime. (left ordinate: voltage in 1/10 Volt and current in mA, right ordinate: temperature corrected from offset)


Following graph is consumed power, that incidentally shows the better efficiency of the Buck and buckboost converters in the 9-14V input voltage interval.


These figures tentatively show that the expected end of life will occur at theĀ  end of the 2 November, assuming a 29W.h cell capacity, but do not account for the incoming power of the solar panel , nor the first 12 hours.